Activate Your Inner Radiance ~ A HeartRise Workshop

  • The Den Meditation 360 South La Brea Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90036 United States

Signature HeartRise Meditation Workshop with Jessie May


Radiance is an aliveness that we awaken from within. A truth we return to. So much more powerful that outward beauty. Once ignited, our radiance is contagious and captivating, emitting a presence far more lasting and luminous than anything our conditioned, critical, self-judging ideas + perceptions would have us believe. 

In this signature HeartRise workshop with Jessie May, you will awaken your heart’s power, as you become aware of the patterns that have held you from honoring our TRUE beauty. Release them, you will deeply reconnect with your source, where your unique light comes alive. Sure to dazzle your senses, soften your mind and tickle your soul, this energizing workshop will activate your Inner Radiance, and leave you feeling more radiant than ever.

As with all signature HeartRise Workshop, you'll experience a nourishing guided HeartRise Meditation journey, and one of Jessie May’s FreeStyle HeartRise Wisdom Jams. Come get HIGH ON HEART!