ELECTRIC LOVE ~ A Special HeartRise Valentine's Activation Workshop

  • Soho House West Hollywood 9200 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA, 90069 United States

️ELECTRIC LOVE⚡ ️Ignite Your Magnetic Radiance

HeartRise Movement Workshop with Jessie May

FEBRUARY 14 2017(Valentines Day)

Imagine if you could ignite the most radiant version of yourself? How would you feel? What kind of glow would you be putting out there? Well... You can & we WILL. This Valentine’s day, get ready for Electric LOVE~  an empowering HeartRise workshop to Ignite your Magnetic Radiance like never before!

Once ignited, your radiance is contagious and captivating. You'lll generate vibes that are irresistible to those around you. 

In this signature HeartRise workshop with Jessie May, together we will ignite your heart’s magnetic power. Your signature Electricity. Come play, learn, energize & experience ‘High on Heart’ Electric Love with us. Your potential is expansive, and your presence is magnetic. Are you READY for LOVE?

Watch out. Game ON. Join us.

Note: Soho House is a membership club, but a limited number of guests are welcome for this special event. Book your seat with us and enjoy an exclusive morning in Malibu!