Official Launch of HeartRise Corporate

  • The Den Meditation 360 South La Brea Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90036 United States

Come join us as we celebrate the 'official' launch of HeartRise Corporate!

A Call to Visionary Leaders & Change-Makers: THE LANDSCAPE OF CORPORATE CULTURE IS CHANGING. We are on the cusp of a new conversation in business where innovation, communication and culture converge.  

HeartRise Movement empowers your business by aligning company culture and creative vision through the impact of our signature, heart-powered meditation method, HeartRise.

We will introduce guests to the power of the HeartRise Method by giving everyone a live HeartRise experience. The benefits include compassionate communication, clarity + focus, creative vision, improved productivity, and an all around sense of inspiration and 'high on heart' energy. 

Healthy bites & refreshments will be provided to nourish your pallet.


Limited space. It is going to be a memorable night!