Your heart is tuned to the same powerful energy that moves the tides, and shines the sun. There is a frequency we can learn to connect with which returns us to the natural rhythm of our being . When we ignite it, we can actually re-pattern our thinking and the ways we’ve been conditioned by our environment, our habits and our non-stop mind chatter.

Through a unique, four-step method, learn to release the emotional blockages (which we all have) and awaken the infinite power that lives within. Heartrise Meditation will recalibrate your whole life from the inside out!


We create and become what we spend our time thinking about. Crazy, yes. True... Indeed. Our actions follow our thoughts, and sadly, most of us live in a spin cycle, focusing on and manifesting more of what we stress over, then doing it all over again and wondering why we're unhappy. We seek solace outside of ourselves, yearning to fill the empty with everything we can find and there’s never enough.

YOU have the capacity to change this. To rewire your mind, through the power of your own heart.

HeartRise Meditation: Seaside
2nd Saturday of the Month
8:30 - 9:30am

Come meditate with me to the sound of the soothing sea… relax, release, replenish and connect through this powerful guided journey! We meet on the beach off of Rose Ave. Bring a cozy blanket or big beach towel. No meditation experience necessary.

Join Jessie May for HeartRise @the Den Meditation Center! Land your day with a nourishing, guided HeartRise Meditation to come home to your knowing heart. Through Jessie May’s HeartRise Meditation, you’ll learn a powerful 4-Step method to recalibrate your energy through the electricity of your heart,  using your breath. Soften your mind and let your heart lead, with this unique, empowering, transformational method sure to ignite you from the inside out. HeartRise Meditation will support you in all areas of your life, connecting you with the infinite wisdom and aliveness of your radiant heart.

HeartRise Meditation ~ The Den
Mondays 9:00 - 9:45pm