HeartRise Speaking topics include:

  • We are all Creative Visionaries
  • Compassion Cultivates Community
  • Our Radiance is Contagious
  • Igniting Our Authentic Voice
  • The Courage to Create
  • The Power of Your Presence
  • Tune into Your Heart Wisdom




It is my deepest joy to share my passion live and direct within a community, large or small. I’ve had the pleasure of bringing my talks and sharing my loving inspiration with audiences of all kinds, from CEO’s and entrepreneurs, to writers, techies, artists, health and wellbeing communities far and wide.

HeartRise speaking is powerful for: workshops, non-profit organizations, community events, conference panels, corporate functions, charities and all kind of fundraisers.

If you have a group or company that you want to infuse with a powerful vision, intention and purpose, delivered with a major splash of inspiring energy and heart powered activation, we'll co-create something very special to wow your community/audience into action, inviting them to rise to their highest potential.