We ALL have creative vision. The capacity to see beyond the limits of our mind's eye and into our heart's deeper wisdom. This is where your truth is revealed and passion comes alive. Along the way you may have realized you've lost touch - disconnected from the passion and clarity you once knew. Or perhaps that little voice inside is talking a little louder these days and you just KNOW it's time to answer the call of your heart's desire. If you know you're ready to fire up your life, but not sure how to manifest your purpose this course is for you!

Enter the HeartRise Visionary Journey. Through eight unique, empowering group sessions, Jessie May guides you through an inspiring inquiry and HeartCentered awakening. Ignite your creative vision and invite your most authentic self to be fully expressed! Alongside an intimate group of creatives, you'll cultivate your creative vision and receive tremendous support from a community of luminaries to set your business, your passion project, and your life on fire!

When you learn to nourish your creative vision, the Universe becomes your playground, conspiring with you to manifest your dreams in the most magical, unexpected ways. Suddenly, the success you've been working so hard to achieve effortlessly begins to unfold - creating a life you love and fulfilling your highest calling. Want in?

Your Journey Begins: April 23|  May 7 |  May 21  |  June 4  |  June 18  |  July 2 | July 9 | July 16

Course includes:

  • 8 Live Video Sessions led by Jessie May {Saturdays bi-weekly 2-4pm PST}
  • 7 Live Guided HeartRise Meditations
  • All session MP3 recordings, meditations & content outlines/ PDF's
  • Exclusive Community Board for daily Inspiration, Support & Communication
  • A Private Coaching Session with Jessie May for a personal manifestation plan
  • Global Access to all Sessions via live stream / webcast or mobile phone
  • Complete Course Package $1500 USD (ask about payment plans!)

In its 7th incarnation, this course has become a global passion project, connecting brave hearts, bringing vision to fruition, and expanding our growing Co~Creative Community. Join us from anywhere in the world!

Spoken From The Heart:

“I will forever be grateful to Jessie May, as well as the radiant women in my group for the wisdom and inspiration they showered upon me.”- Leslie Barrett

“The tools (Jessie) provides are heart-centered, tangible, lifelong skills and that help chisel, guide and reveal what our higher selves are trying to communicate. Jessie is a fabulous facilitator of all things bright happy and positive, yet refreshingly real and a beautiful channel for the truth.” - Jasna Harris

“This Creative Visionary course is a gift from the heavens!! It was inspiring, exciting, insightful and heart opening. Jessie May holds a space and shares her teachings and tools with so much love, care and passion that it would be impossible not to grow! Getting out of my head and into my heart to discover my own truth and my divine path is a life changer. (This) course has not only helped me find my path, it's also given me joyful tools for daily living.” - Samantha Tolj