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Welcome! I’m so happy to have you here! So, a little about me… I’m a free spirit who loves to love. Life turns me on, and I have dedicated my life to inspiring others to get their loving passionate purpose on too! I’ve been blessed to reach and work with thousands of beautiful people through my ‘Creative Visionary Life Coaching’, ‘Radiance Speaking’, ‘Group Soulshops and Sunny Side Up radio show, and I’m excited to have YOU here to – allow me to share a little more about how i arrived…
… and I invite you to explore the online oasis, and welcome you to reach out to see how I can support you on your journey!!

In Brief:

Jessie May (a native to Montreal) is an Inspirational Speaker, Celebrated Creative Visionary Life Coach, and HeartRise Meditation teacher in Los Angeles, where she has been leading her signature Heart-centered workshops, Creative Visionary programs, and facilitating transformation for hundreds of people over the last 5 years. Host of ‘Sunny Side Up’ radio, an internationally acclaimed show, her contagious, loving energy impacts people in a powerful way, awakening hearts with purpose and passion.

The Roads I’ve Travelled

My journey has been a colorful one with many adventures along the way…. I have embraced change and lived through a kaleidoscope of expansive and challenging experiences, successes and failures…. always inspired by a fierce curiosity and a deep desire to really connect with life and the beautiful people that move through it…. celebrating the extensive tapestry of entirely unique and different realities ~ seeking to understand that which connects us all.

I have always had a passion for people and the pulse of the universe that unites us… and a knowing that my life journey had deeper meaning and purpose that I was being called to uncover. My free spirit has taken me on many roads along an wild soul ride of experiences… ultimately awakening me to the knowing that I have been called here to inspire and guide people to awaken their passionate purpose, to shine the light for others to embrace the radiance and deeper knowing within themselves, and to live from this passionate place.

I have worked as a counselor, a mentor, and been a guide to many throughout my journey. I studied communications with a minor in film studies from Queen’s University, have a graphic design degree from the Academy of Art & Design in Montreal, and a Life Coaching certification from Coach for Life in San Diego. I am an entrepreneur at heart~ created and built a successful women’s clothing line sold in over 400 boutiques across North America over 6 years, and a passionate photographer who loves to capture the wonder I see around me in images, a writer loving to express what I observe and feel with words… I am an active yogi, dancer, dreamer and a healthy being who nourishes my body and soul with natural fuel and inspiration. I have curiously trotted round much of the globe from Africa, to Asia, across Europe, Australia and many places in between… and had the pleasure of connecting with many bright souls along the way.

What I have come to know for sure, and have had the profound pleasure in helping thousands access in their lives- is that when we live leading with our heart’s loving wisdom, we honor the passionate purpose that we all have deep within… and miracles happen.

I am so happy you’re here, and I’m excited to celebrate the passionate purpose that lives within YOU ~wanting to be expressed! Have a wander round the online oasis and indulge in your free guided meditation(on the homepage) and weekly soulshine tune-up by signing up! I look so forward to meeting you!

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